Charlie says that Lola is small and very funny. But Lola Thinks that we should always be carefuk. And she was also not a Problem. She was Funny. Charlie thinks that her brain is not bigger than her head. Sometimes, Charlie and Lola have Big Problems for that matter.

That morning, the kids talked about their bad dreams and Vowed to make sure none of bad stuff ever happens to them. They argue over silly things, like who can crunch the loudest or sharing. Charlie and Lola fail at sharing candies and argue. They also argue over what they want. Charlie and Lola were at the DVD store arguing over disc they love. One was about BatCat. One has dogs being brushed.

When Charlie and Lola don't stop arguing, Mom and Dad make them sit in the Simmer Down chairs. They are called the Simmer Down chairs because Charlie and Lola get boiling mad. Mom and Dad make the kids sit down until they've "simmered" down. If Charlie and Lola argue that today, Mom and Dad might not let them go to the Chinese puppet show. Charlie suggested that he and Lola should play a quiet game so they don't start arguing by accident. So, that's what they did.

Charlie and Lola were playing farm with their toys. Lola was hitting the table with her toy pig. She said that her pig has big feet. Charlie tells Lola to be quiet. That's what Lola did, but she was hitting the table again, this time, with her chicken. Charlie and Lola let the arguing slip from their mouths. Charlie didn't want Mom and Dad to hear them.

Then they started coloring. Lola wanted the red crayon from Charlie but he wanted his BatCat drawing to be red. Lola scribbled black in BatCat's collar. Charlie wanted to get back. Charlie snapped Lola's favorite red crayon. They crumpled each other's drawings. Charlie and Lola didn't know they were arguing when calling each other bad names that were "meanie" and meanie pegs. And did you guess what The Sound of Electric Bagpipes that appeared from nowhere Did? They made Charlie and Lola Scream and run towards and sit in the Simmer Down chairs! Now the kids won't see any puppets! Charlie said "And We Both Lived Wide Awake Ever After!".