Lola was hopping so the Sea Ticklers won't get her. She says that if she doesen't hop the Sea Ticklers would get her. Charlie tells Lola to sleep the tightest because the bedbugs may bite her. The next morning, Lola was scrubbing her ears because mushrooms may grow behind her ears if she doesen't. Lola was walking to school. Charlie knows that she can't step on the cracks in the pavement. Because there are bears living in the cracks. What if one of the bears eat Lola? Marv also knew about the bears. Marv also knows that magpies makes people turn their heads around and say Good day Mr. Magpie Lola knows too many things already. Lola warns Lotta to never step on the cracks because there are bears living in them. But Lotta thinks there are crocodiles living in it. Mini knows there are bears in the cracks. Lotta still thinks there are crocodiles in the cracks. Mini thinks that it's bears and crocodiles. Bernard thinks there are bears, crocodiles and lions. Lola started to get worried. Mini thinks there is something else living in the cracks: bears, crocodiles, lions and sharks. Lola can't take it anymore! Charlie tells Lola the things were just superstitons. It's not true if Mom said If you pull faces in the wind, your face will stay the same. Another thing not true is Dad saying If you watch too much T.V., you'll get square eyes! Charlie still thinks that Lola is afraid to step on the cracks. Charlie tells Lola that they jump on the bear's paws. Bears don't like it when their paws get squashed. And that's what they did. Lola wasn't hopping to bed because the sea ticklers were not true. Lola tells Charlie to sleep tightly because the bedbugs really bite! But Lola was just kidding.