Minnie Reader is a classmate and friends with the girls including Lola and Lotta and is very clever. She likes tap dancing, beads, ponies, patterns, coloring and knows a lot about guinea pigs and has one named Fluffy. She is serious and doesn't smile as much as the rest of the characters. She has short brown hair with two green circle shaped hair clips in it. She is usually seen with a bluish-green dress sweater dress, orange and pink socks and black shoes but, sometimes she is seen with a brown coat and the same shoes. She has appeared on several episodes like "Look After Your Planet", "How Many More Minutes Are There Until Christmas"etc. She said she was going to be a Wicked Witch in "What Can I Wear For Halloween" but she went as a girly rabbit instead of a witch. She had purple-rimmed-glasses with orange flowers on it on "I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses" Sometimes she is seen with Evie. Sometimes not.