Lola is becoming obsessed with a book character known as Miss Goody Two-Shoes. She has read five, "or eight" of the books. Lola wants to be more like Miss Goody, so she helps Charlie in many things. Finding his tennis racket, helping him eat better, and cleaning. But later, Lola ends up accidentally doing things. For example, she ends up squirting too much toothpaste on Charlie's toothbrush, ends up messing a puzzle he was working on, and taking apart Charlie's rollercoaster. After Charlie works on his project, Lola decides to pitch in and spills strawberry milk all over. She tries to wash it, but is caught by Charlie. In the end, they end up doing a version for the desert for Charlie's project. Just as Lola tries to touch the camel, Charlie warns her, and they end up laughing hysterically.