I Will Be Especially, Very Careful is an episode of Charlie and Lola Series 2.

Lola says Lotta's coat reminds her of snow

Story Edit

While Charlie is introducing Lola, Lola chases Lotta around the room because she wants to stroke Lotta's new coat, but Lotta doesn't want her new coat to be stroke. In the bedroom, Lola compliments to Lotta that her new coat is beautiful and is as white as snow, as soft as feathers, and as fluffy as a kitten. In the kitchen, Lotta is wearing Mum's apron so she doesn't spill on her new coat, which she must keep on all the time so she doesn't lose it. While Lola strokes Lotta's coat, Lotta says she will keep her coat new, fluffy, and white by keeping it dry in the rain, eating very carefully, and staying on the pavement instead of playing in the park (because there are mud puddles there). After Lola trades her handbag for Lotta's new coat, the coat gets stuck in a shopping cart, but still looked new. Then, the coat gets stuck it tape, but is still fluffy. And lastly, the coat is about to get rained on, but it still looked white thanks to Mum's umbrella. Meanwhile, Lola leaves Lotta's new coat in the library. That night, Lola doesn't think Lotta's mom will buy her a new coat because it came from abroad. Charlie suggests Lola that she must tell Lotta the truth that her new coat is lost so she can understand. The next day, Lola tells Lotta that her new fluffy white coat is still new, fluffy and white, but it got caught in a shopping cart, stuck on tape, and nearly rained on, then it got really lost, as the librarian said it is not here, and her mum won't buy her a new one. So they Both Lived unhappily Ever After.