Lola and Lotta sleeping

Lola keeps tossing and turning because Charlie is talking too much. Charlie says Lola is invited to a sleepover with Lotta, and it's her first ever. While Charlie and Lola are eating their lunch, Lola asks Charlie what he does when having a sleepover with Marv, and Charlie says he and Marv sometimes play with marbles, build an enormous track for their racecars, and do cowboy camps. Lotta tells Lola to bring a toothbrush, next day clothes, and sleeping things, but not nothing more because there are games, crayons, and more at her house, even a midnight feast. When Lola arrives, Lotta says the midnight feast is at the very end and they do other things first, so they play snap, dress up as nurses and witches, and color their pictures of butterflies. Then Lotta tells Lola that it's almost time for tea, and they will take baths afterwards, and then they will watch her pony program, but Lola wants to watch Pirate Squidbones, because Charlie likes to watch it. At bathtime, Lola says she brushes her teeth before bathtime, and Lotta says she brushes her teeth after bathtime. She decides to sit at the very "tappy" end of the tub, just like at home. Then the pony program starts, and Lola and Lotta start their midnight feast, but it's 10 minutes until lights out. Lola asks Lotta if they would start with biscuits or satsumas. Lotta prefers biscuits, and gets too tired for satsumas. Lotta tells Lola that's it lights out time, but Lola says it hasn't been 10 minutes. Lotta then tucks Foxy into Donkey's bed and says it's time for lights out. Then, Lola wanted to go home. She can't sleep on the floor bed because it makes her want to go home, so she decides to sleep in Lotta's bed, but she can't because she needs Foxy with her. Lola says she can't sleep without Foxy and Lotta says she can't sleep without Donkey. Lola lists the different things: Lotta brushes her teeth after bathtime while Lola brushes her teeth before, Lotta watches ponies while Lola watches Pirate Squidbones with Charlie, and they haven't played "I went to the moon", a game Lola plays with Charlie at night. Lola decides to bring sunglasses, then Lotta decides to bring a pony, then Lola decides to bring a bird, then Lotta decides to bring a tomato, but Lola says Charlie wouldn't ever never take a tomato to the moon, so Lotta decides to bring a torch instead. When Lola's turn is up, Lotta notices that Lola has fallen asleep and falls asleep with her.