I Win

Charlie and Lola was playing Who Can Stay Still the Longest. Lola won! Lola tells Charlie that she can stand on one leg than a flamingo. She can run faster than the fastest cheetah. And she can jump higher than a kangaroo. Charlie and Lola were eating. Charlie challenged Lola to a spoon game. Lola dunked the spoon into the food to stick on her nose while Charlie wasn't looking. Suddenly, the spoon fell from Charlie's nose.Charlie and Lola were now playing Snap. Lola thought she matched with the king and the queen. Charlie tells Lola that a queen is not a king. Then Charlie and Lola were playing Snakes and Ladders. Lola won by snake charming. Charlie wants to win. Charlie tells Lola that they were going to race around the park. Charlie and Lola were going to start at the bench, around the bendy tree, between two swings on the swingset, down the slide and back to the bench. Charlie and Lola were off! Charlie ran around the tree. Lola got stuck on one of the swings. Charlie was swinging the highest. Charlie ran to the slide. Lola was on the slide too scared to slide down. Charlie helped Lola by sliding down. Charlie won! But Charlie remembered Dad said Charlie, you must give Lola a chance because she's small. But Lola tells Charlie that she doesen't have to win all the time.