Charlie was watching his favorite program, Pirate Squidbones. But Lola interrupted Charlie with tempting him with a game called Sticky Fish. But Mom turned the TV off because they were going to the dentist today. But Lola told Charlie that they already went to the dentist but it was Mom's turn for the dentist.

While at the dentist, Lola asked, "How many more minutes?" Charlie and Lola played Hide-And-Seek. Lola found Charlie behind the plant. Lola tells Charlie that the lady at the desk said, "Would you please put that plant back?" Lola started playing with the water tank. Charlie doesn't think the lady at the desk will like it. Then Lola started making faces.

Then they saw a poster of two children smiling. They smile a lot because they have clean teeth and they eat sportscandy. Then Lola thought of the tooth fairy. If Lola had a wiggly tooth that falls out, the tooth fairy might bring a surprise to Lola.

Charlie was bored. So was Lola. The door creaking, Charlie playing with the tank, and whistling like the wind makes a big, old, pirate ship creaking in the wind.

When the ship got closer, they were shocked to see it was Pirate Squidbones and his crew. The tooth fairy appeared to alert Charlie and Lola that the pirates captured The Smileys! Charlie and Lola rode in a paper boat dodging apples that the pirates were throwing. While Charlie and Lola fought the pirates, the tooth fairy untied The Smileys. Charlie, Lola, the tooth fairy, and The Smileys made the pirates walk the plank.

Mom said that it was time to go. At home, Charlie was happy when he saw that the lady at the desk got the kids the poster of The Smileys so The Smileys would be much safer.